TEB for 3000LOX ASU
Model: TEB-170
Gas: Air
Expander Flowrate (Nm3/h): 26900
Expander Inlet Pressure barA: 27.45
Expander Outlet Pressure barA: 5.08
Pressure Ratio: 5.4
Expander Inlet Temperature K: 148
Expander Outlet Temperature K: 98.44
Expander Efficiency%: 88.3%
Power kW: 394
Rotation Speed rpm: 23600
Impeller Diam. mm: 170
Booster Flowrate (Nm3/h): 26900
Booster Inlet Pressure barA: 19.8
Booster Outlet Pressure barA: 27.85
Booster Inlet Temperature K: 311
Booster Outlet Temperature K: 350.2
Booster Efficiency%: 81.5%
China LOX3000 ASU

China LOX3000 ASU


This Turbo Expander Booster TEB-190 is in operation for Henan Tianbao Gas Company for their 3000Nm3/h Liquid Oxygen Production from Air Separation Unit, located in China. The actual production of liquid Oxygen is 20% more than expected, compared to a similar unit of this customer, which use the turbo expander of local manufacturer.