About us

“At UniEco, we are about to provide our customers with the best turbo-expander solutions and enable our customers reaching their goals.”

§ Design & Engineering Center

§ Package Assembling Lines

§ Turbo-expander Testing Cells

§ Rotor Dynamic Balancing Room

§ Turbo-expander Testing Cells

§ Rotor Dynamic Balancing Room

UniEco specialized in High-speed Turbine Technology on Energy Saving and Energy Recovery, for Turbo Expander Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Services. Developed with world-class of Turbo Expander technology, UniEco products can find their applications in Cryogenic Process such as Air Separation, Natural Gas Liquidation, Hydrocarbon Recovery, Industrial Tail Gas Recovery, Ethylene Cold Box, as well as Power Generation through Gas Pressure Letdown, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and other Energy Recovery applications.

UniEco established its Turbo Expander Manufacturing Facility in China since 2011. The plant area is 4000m2 so far, with Design Engineering Center, Turbo Expander Assembly Lines, Rotor Dynamic Balancing, Turbo Expander Testing Cell, Spare Parts Warehouse and other related facilities. The key components such as rotors, impellers, bearings, seals, are designed and manufactured in US, while the package manufacturing and final assembly are processed at factory in China. UniEco Turbo Expander Manufacturing Facility has passed ISO9001 quality certification by SGS.

“Forged Impellers with 5-Axis Machining for SuperiorQuality”

UniEco Advantages

• Fully closed impellers for expander with efficiency 85~89%

• Semi-opened impellers for booster with efficiency 78~83%

• 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

• Finite Element and Structural Dynamics Analysis (FEA)

• Rotor Dynamic Analysis (Lateral and Torsional)

In-house Design and Engineering Capability with Advanced design toolkits & reliable database to achieve the high overall efficiency and superior performance.

High Overall Efficiency

The turbo expanders are fully developed by UniEco global R&D team, with advanced design toolkits and reliable database of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, US). The

rotor dynamic and bearing design are solved by UniEco’s in-house design software DyRoBes, which has become one of the industrial standards for rotor dynamic and bearing design analysis in the world. DyRoBes has also been widely used by the US governmental organization such as FAA, NASA, US Air Force, US Navy, as well as the international companies such as Boeing,

GE, GM, Northrop Grumman, Honeywell, Siemens, Atlas Copco, Air Products, John Crane and so forth.

Premium Customer Benefit

The mode of U.S Design + Global Sourcing + Local Assembly can benefit our customers with high quality products, reasonable price, shortened delivery time, as well as quicker feedback on service and spare parts demands.

The key rotating components such as rotor assembly, bearings, seals, are designed and manufactured in U.S. These components are thoroughly checked by Non Destructive Examinations, Over-speed Tests, 3D measuring and Dynamic Balancing before shipment, to make sure that every Turbo Expander can 100% meet or even exceed the expected efficiency.

We are innovative and agile to provide Engineered Solutions that can meet a wide variety of demanding requirements and specifications.

Advanced design toolkits and reliable database to achieve the superior performance of key rotating components.

• 4 U.S Patents on bearing and 20 Chinese patents on package.

• Unique bearing design helped to reduce mechanical lose and improved package efficiency.

• Low pressure lube oil system simplified the package design and improved reliability.

• Packages are designed, manufactured and inspected according to appropriate standards and protocols. API 617 also available.

• Engineered Solutions can meet a wide variety of demanding requirements and specifications.

Innovative Engineered Solutions