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In-house Design and Engineering Capability withAdvanced design toolkits & reliable database to achieve the high overall efficiency and superior performance.
The mode of U.S Design + Global Sourcing + Local Assembly can benefit our customers with high quality products, reasonable price, shortened delivery time, as well as quicker feedback on service and spare parts demands.

We are innovative and agile to provide Engineered Solutions that can meet a wide variety of demanding requirements and specifications.
“At UniEco, we are about to provide our customers with the best Turbo-expander
Solutions and enable our customers reaching their Goals.”
SHAFT SEALS Fully floating carbon ring seal minimized process gas leakage and prevent lube oil from migrating into the process. Dry gas seals can be chosen to meet high demand on reducing leakage.
BEARINGS Completely non-contact hydrodynamic radial and thrust bearings are simply designed in one-piece, assured longer life and maximum efficiency.
INLET NOZZLE GUIDE VANES Pneumatic adjustable remote-controlled inlet nozzle guide vanes, with unique design for each machine, to achieve premium efficiency over wide operating conditions.
SHAFT AND PINIONS The Main Shaft and Pinions are machined into Polygon type, ensuring the solid connection, at the same time, making it much easier for disassembly and re-assembly.
•  Fully closed impellers for expander with efficiency 85~89%
•  Semi-opened impellers for booster with efficiency 78~83%
•  3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
•  Finite Element and Structural Dynamics Analysis (FEA)
•  Rotor Dynamic Analysis (Lateral and Torsional)


Rotor assembly, Bearings and shaft seals are installed inside the H-shape housing, which have

simple plug-in design, minimized the downtime for spare parts replacement.

Developed with world-class of Turbo Expander technology, UniEco products can find their applications in Cryogenic Process such as Air Separation, Natural Gas Liquidation, Hydrocarbon Recovery, Industrial Tail Gas Recovery, Ethylene Cold Box, as well as Power Generation through Gas Pressure Letdown, Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and other Energy Recovery applications.

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